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Herblux is a high-level protection food brand and also the partner of Bach Thao Duoc Functional Foodstuff Manfacturing Factory.

Herblux successfully presented a system of 17 products which was manufactured at Bach Thao Duoc factory.

According to the current survey of Herblux brand, it was up to 95% of clients appraise an effective extent as well as safety of products, especially 3 such as Gan Herblux (reducing symptoms of liver diseases), Choleston Herblux (reducing choleston and triglyceride) and Xoang Herblux (reducing symptoms of sinus diseases). This means for every 100 people, there are 95 people who feel that health problems have remarkably improved, reduced signs of discomfort, fatigue…. Choleston Herblux with an effect of helping reduce cholesterol and triglyceride of blood, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis owning to cholesterol has been a companion of people with cholesterol, atherosclerosis.

Gan Herblux received a positive feedback from users with a state of impaired liver function with darkened skin, poor appetite, high liver enzymes due to drinking a lot of beer and alcohol; prolonged use of the drug; people with a history of hepatitis, healthy people carrying B and C viruses; ...

Xoang Herblux has helped many people with allergic rhinitis, sinusitis with symptoms such as stuffy nose, headache, sneezing, runny nose, increased nasal discharge, runny nose ... According to records, users feel a noticeable improvement in the erratic weather conditions, no longer discomfort, fatigue, stuffy nose, runny nose, prolonged sneezing ...

These are the positive feedback from customers for Herblux products, the success of Herblux brand is also the success of Bach Thao Duoc factory. Bach Thao Duoc is proud to be a prestigious and top quality industrial foodstuff factory in Vietnam. We are always ready to cooperate with Boss to build our own brand.

SAFE raw materials - Reasonable production cost - Professionally designed packaging - FULL legal proceedings Especially, Bach Thao Duoc support BOSS (owners of enterprises) with packaging services from A to Z like marketing consulting, communicating, product traning,….. If you have a need to produce your own trade name, please inbox or contact with us immediately:

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