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Bach Thao Duoc was established on June 11, 2018 with an area of ​​nearly 8,000 m2 and an investment of 120 billion VND by Dr. Le Thi Kim Loan, Chairman of the Science Council, Doctor Pham Van Tho, Doctor. Minh Duc, Master Pham Quoc Su, Master Nguyen Thanh Cong together with more than 15 Pharmacists and collaborators are Associate Professors and Doctors who have been working at Hanoi University of Pharmacy, A practitioner of traditional medicine. Vietnam. The mission of Botanical Garden is "Preserve and promote the essence of traditional medicine" owning production lines of nuggets, powder, instant tea, tablets, film-coated tablets, sugar-coated tablets, hard capsules. , hard capsule, soft capsule, gel, syrup, solution, mixture, liquid, thick, soft, dry extract with the aim of bringing good health to millions of Vietnamese. The Bach Thao Duoc Plant obtained the GMP certificate in 2019 in An Duong economic zone, Hai Phong city with the aim of producing health food and pharmaceutical cosmetics, herbal products for the domestic market and other countries. Asian, Asian and European.


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