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A is known as the leading manufacturer of industrial products in the country with full service to support customers

  • Study the exclusive formula at Research Institute Bach Thao Duoc
  • Manufacturing of traditional medical drugs on the GMP standard production line with uniform quality in the fastest time
  • Complete legal procedures to announce products in just 15-20 days
  • Professional product packaging design
  • Effective business strategy consulting, sales staff training
  • Marketing consulting suitable for each model
  • Support communication, branding
  • Offering product training sessions by leading experts in the industry...

So what benefits does the above package service at Bach Thao Duoc bring to customers? Find out in the article below!

1. Effective formula

Bach Thao Duoc is proud to be the convergence of a team of leading experts in the traditional medicine industry - the author of many famous products in the market, bringing success to customers with a solid foundation from the company. effective, exclusive formula.

2. Uniform quality

Possessing a modern line of GMP standard, products of Bach Thao Duoc are automatically produced, providing uniform quality in the fastest time.

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3. Cost savings

Bach Thao Duoc understands that a co-cost is a co-profit, so we provide customers with market-leading services with the ULTIMATE cost and gifts up to 30.000.000 VND

4. Support other services

Package services at Bach Thao Duoc support customers:

  • Making product announcement paper in just 15-20 days
  • Free product packaging design
  • Consulting business strategy, marketing appropriately
  • Give production videos, support facilities
  • Supported by product training by leading doctors of traditional medicine.

5. Save time

When choosing a package service at Bach Thao Duoc, customers are supported to complete all stages ready to bring products to market in the fastest time.

With the above benefits, Bach Thao Duoc has continuously received high appreciation from our partners and customers. Please contact us for advice and support today!


 Tax code: +84 201880876

 Ha Noi office: BT 06-23, Diplomatic Corps Area, North Tu Liem, Hanoi

 Factory address: Lot Q - 6, Trang Due Industrial Park, Dinh Vu Economic Zone - Cat Hai, An Hoa Commune, An Duong District, Hai Phong

Hotline: 0888846969



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