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Are you looking for a traditional drug processing unit for you?
Are you in need of reputable, low-priced and quality-assured traditional medicine processing?

BTD specializes in traditional remedies that have been passed down through many generations of research, preparation, and precious remedies that have helped many patients nationwide to cure their diseases. At present, we want to strongly develop broader precious remedies to help many unfortunate people have the opportunity to meet the right medicines to cure them completely, safely and without recurrence.

Benefits of traditional drug processing at BTD
  • Raw materials are prepared from natural herbs.
  • Commitment to the best price, quality and safety.
  • Full legal papers, reaching testing standards.
  • Sharp product packaging, professional, exclusive brand name.
  • Package the product carefully, ensuring absolute safety for the product.
  • Private support is still free, dedicated and friendly.
  • Fast execution.

Traditional drug processing policy like?
Flexible policy for every audience who wants to be their own brand, who is a beginner who needs small quantity.
- Manufacturing and processing traditional medicines from a small quantity of tens to thousands of products while ensuring stable quality.
- Dedicated consulting, legal support, packaging design from A-Z. This is something that startups are always concerned about and worried about.


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