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Bach Thao Duoc was established on June 11, 2018 with an area of 8.000 m2 and investment of 120 billion VND by Le Thi Kim Loan doctor as the president of the Science Council, Pham Van Tho doctor, Minh Duc doctor, Pham Quoc Su master, Nguyen Thanh Cong master and more than 15 Pharmacists and Collaborators, Associate Professors who have been working at Hanoi University of Pharmacy, traditional medicine university in Vietnam.

Bach Thao Duoc factory the Certificate of Good GMP functional foodstuff manufacturing in 2019 at An Duong economic zone, Hai Phong City with the purpose of manufacturing health foodstuff and pharmaceutical cosmetics, herbal products to supply to the domestic market and Asian, Europe countries. With the advantage of manufacturing experience, consulting, transferring technology with a team of experts who are masters, an experienced doctor, we manufacturing and consult in the field of functional foodstuff.

Our products are the enthusiastic achievement of Herbal Medicine from experienced doctors,masters in the field of functional foodstuff, led by Le Thi Kim Loan pharmacologist with masters, doctors, pharmacists and collaborators who are Associate Professors who have been working at Hanoi University of Pharmacy, traditional medicine University in Vietnam. Our functional foodstuff are tested for quality and certified by the Ministry of Health to meet food hygiene and safety conditions in production.

Currently, Bach Thao Duoc factory has been cooperating to produce functional foodstuff under orders of private brands of more than 200 domestic and foreign partners

We continually develop to step by step affirm our role and position in the field of providing natural functional foodstuff combining modern manufacturing technology with the purpose of bringing practical benefits to the quality of community life with the guideline”Preserve and promote quintessence of traditional medicine’’ for the health of everyone.


1. Bach Thao Duoc puts the quality of products on top.

Bach Thao Duoc is proud to be a factory that meets Good GMP functional foodstuff manufacturing with 3 principles: Respect for the law, Respect for Ethics, Respect for Science. Therefore, we always put the quality of products on top, comply closed production process, strictly take control from raw materials to output products.

2. Excellent client services

Besides quality factor, client care is the number one priority of Bach Thao Duoc with a highly trained and enthusiastic staff, Bach Thao Duoc support clients 24/7 through cooperation process.

3. Top perssonel

Bach Thao Duoc converges the quitessence Doctor staff and experienced traditional medicine doctors, who constantly imporve and enhance their expertise to ensure the quality of output products.

4. Diversity of outsourcing services

Bach Thao Duoc provides diversified process solutions:stomach, bone, physiology, hormones, skin care, hair.

5. Package supports for partner

-Exclusive recipe support

-Support logo design, product packaging

-Professional knowledge training on pathology and products by leading experts in the industry

-Marketing training for company staff and consulting on product marketing strategy

-Communication support 

Professional knowledge training session at Bach Thao Duoc.

6. Optimal cost

Thao Duoc strives to optimize production costs and continuously improves the quality of production to maximize value for customers.


With the experience in researching and manufacturing functional foodstuff natural Herbal, we have prominent advantage in stomach, skeletal, physiology, hormones, lightening and whitening skin.

Da Day Tue Tinh (supporting stomache diseases)

Phuc Cot Linh (supporting bone diseases)

Xmen Herblux (supporting men problems)

Queen Herblux Hormonal Supplement And Skin Beauty Products

Bach Thao Duoc is proud to be GMP that has been cooperating with hundreds of brands, Bach Thao Duoc factory clearly affirms its position in the competitive market in order to realize the goal of becoming a leading company in Vietnam in the field of Functional Food manufacturing and reaching out to the region and the world.

Bach Thao Duoc-Leading Functional Foodstuff Manufacturing Factory in Vietnam.

Representative officer: Villa 06-23, Ngoai Giao Doan Zone, Bac Tu Liem, Ha Noi.

Manufacturing factory’address: Lot Q-6, Trang Due industrial park, Dinh Vu-Cat Hai economic zone, An Hoa commune, An Duong district, Hai Phong




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